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McDonald’s & VLEKTRA come together for a Sustainable Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan - McDonald's, the leading quick service restaurant chain has announced that it has signed a MOU with VLEKTRA, Pakistan’s first lithium-ion electric motorcycle company. It is a part of its GO Green initiative, which focuses on its commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. The signing ceremony took place at McDonald’s Corniche Seaview, Karachi on Friday, 28th April 2023.

Through this MOU, McDonald’s Pakistan moves ahead with its initiative to reduce carbon footprint by adding emission-free electric bikes in their McDelivery fleet. The team of VLEKTRA is delighted about being a part of enabling pollution-free food delivery service in Pakistan. The motorcycles being utilized are smoke-free, noise-free and they do not run on petrol.

“McDonald's has a long history of sustainability plans, including its commitment to energy saving, water harvesting and plantation drives across the country, and its pledge to reduce majority of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030”, said Raza Ali, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s Pakistan. It will certainly contribute to McDonald's Pakistan's environmental and climate change initiatives.

“This is just a step towards a sustainable Pakistan, and McDonald’s not only aims to reduce its carbon footprint but also create a healthier environment for the community it operates in,” added Ali.

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