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VLEKTRA & inDrive Lead the Charge Towards Sustainable Transportation

VLEKTRA, Pakistan’s most premium electric motorcycle manufacturer, and inDrive, largest ride-hailing service in the region, have entered into a strategic collaboration, which aims to transform the ride-hailing landscape in Pakistan by introducing VLEKTRA’s most reliable environment friendly alternatives into inDrive’s portfolio of service offerings. This initiative positions VLEKTRA as a driving force in reshaping Pakistan's ride-hailing industry by integrating their electric motorcycles into inDrive's operations. Notably, inDrive distinguishes itself as the trailblazer among ride-hailing companies in Pakistan to incorporate sustainable transportation options.

Roman Ermoshin, Director of inDrive’s APAC region, enthusiastically highlighted the significance of this collaboration. He emphasized the shared commitment between inDrive and VLEKTRA towards fostering sustainability and innovation in Pakistan, particularly through the introduction of electric motorcycles. This joint effort reflects a collective vision for a cleaner, more eco-conscious future in the region.

Fatiq Bin Khursheed, Co-founder of VLEKTRA, emphasized the transformative nature of this partnership, describing it as a revolutionary initiative within Pakistan's ride-hailing sector. VLEKTRA's involvement marks a pivotal shift towards sustainable mobility, reduced emissions, and the promotion of eco-friendly transport.

VLEKTRA, as a revolutionary force in the electric vehicle sector, envisions a future where sustainable mobility becomes the norm instead of a rarity. After a successful partnership with inDrive, VLEKTRA is all set to take the lead in efforts to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation system in Pakistan. With a commitment to reducing emissions and promoting eco-friendly transport, VLEKTRA is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the transportation sector in Pakistan.

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